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2014-08-05 18:09

Stop Hepatitis! Beware of A, B, C and D.

Under the slogan "Stop Hepatitis! Beware of A, B, C and D", the Association of Patients with Liver Diseases in Romania (APAH-RO) held a broad information campaign among the population on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day”

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2013-04-05 10:24

Patients present the first National Strategy against Hepatitis C in Romania

Bucharest, March 28th 2013 – The Liver Patients Association (APAH-RO) and the National Association for Patients Protection (ANPP), supported by ELPA (Europea Liver Patients Association) launched „The White Paper of Hepatitis C in Romania – Issues, challenges and solutions 2013 - 2018”. This is the first official document by which the civil society suggests a public policy for fighting against Hepatitis C in Romania.

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